[Video] How to Make a Tissue Paper Rose

Paper roses are a wonderful way to enjoy flowers year round, without having to throw them away when they turn brown and wilt. They are absolutely gorgeous and easy to make. It’s a great gift idea for someone when you need something in a hurry. Make several, all the same color or a rainbow of colors, and give a bouquet.

The only supplies needed for the project are:

  • tissue paper
  • floral tape
  • thread
  • skewer
  • glue
  • scissors

You’ll be using 3 different size paper strips for larger and smaller petals. Cut 2.5 inch wide paper for the inner smaller petals, 3 inch wide for the medium size petals in the middle layer, and 3.5 inch wide for the larger outer petals. All should be cut 20 inches long.

When you are wrapping you will have to wrap looser or tighter in some places to get the petals where you want them. Follow the video for instructions and have fun!

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