How to Make an Arbor

I love an arbor. My grandmother had a grape arbor when I was a child that I loved, and I’ve never forgotten how it felt to be under it. It’s almost a magical feeling when you’re under its shade.

An arbor can be a thing of beauty in your yard, especially when you plant flowering or grape vines to grow over it. Here’s a simple arbor that you can make yourself. Even though willow was used for this one, any type of good sturdy wood can be used.

So as you are pruning your bushes and trees this spring, collect all the branches and twigs, or keep your eyes peeled for others who put theirs out for the trash. It won’t take long to accumulate enough to build this project. You will need large, thick branches to build the frame, and be sure to keep small twigs for decorative use.

Better Homes and Gardens has all the instructions and you can even download the plans for it on their site.

Image source: BHG



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