How to Make Faux Mercury Glass

Mercury glass, which is also called silvered glass, doesn’t really have any silver. It’s clear glass that is double-walled and is coated between those walls with a silvering formula. It looks more like a mirror than actual silver, and has a beautiful shimmery, shiny finish. If you can find vintage pieces of real mercury glass you will pay quite a bit for them.

Now you can make your own faux mercury glass using Krylon Looking Glass Mirror-Like spray paint. Pick out some clear glass bowls, votives, or vases to transform. Mercury glass looks even better when you have a grouping of several items.

diy faux mercury glass-

Choose a well-ventilated area to work in and cover your work space with plastic or a dropcloth. Follow the instructions on the can and shake it vigorously for 3-5 minutes. The Krylon® Looking Glass® Mirror-Like paint is different from regular spray paints. To achieve this look it will be sprayed on the inside of your glass. It’s also thinner than other paints and will need to be applied in short, quick bursts of spray.

There are several ways to achieve realistic results and Brookelynn Morris at Makezine has all the details about different methods you can use and instructions for making your glass.

Project source: Makezine






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