How to Update a Wood Bookcase

If you’ve ever shopped for a bookcase, you know how difficult it is to find ones that are tall and made of real wood. When you do find them, they’re quite pricey. So the next best thing is to find one that is real wood, for cheap, and then turn it into a tall one! And not just tall, but tall with a flair!

That’s what this project will show you – how to upgrade a solid wood bookcase into a modern, beautiful piece of furniture. This is achieved by building a box as a base for the bookcase to “stand” on, then a box attached to the top. Crown molding is then built on and attached to it. When it is all painted, it looks amazing.

Elisha from Pneumatic Addict, who is an avid DIYer, figured all this out when she couldn’t find a good, tall bookcase. She has all the instructions and pictures showing each step she took as she transformed an oak bookcase she found. Check out Elisha’s blog at Pneumatic Addict.

Image and project source: Pneumatic Addict




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