Jazz Up That Boring IKEA Mirror DIY

You are one lucky duck if you live near an IKEA so that you can pick up some of these CHEAP cool frames.  If not, try Walmart or a thrift store.  I have yet to do a project with washi tape so this project is perfect for getting my feet wet.  Thanks to Create & Babble for the idea.

IKEA MALMA Mirror Hack

After successfully talking Dan into a road trip to IKEA, ; ) I came home with three MALMA frames (along with a bunch of other goodies from their “Market”). If you’re not familiar with MALMA mirrors, here’s a photo:

Simple, black, square, framed mirrors. And they’re only $1.99.

At first I had no intention of doing anything with the three mirrors other than just hanging them in a row on one of the many blank wall areas in my home.


Images from Create & Babble.

For the full instructions visit Create & Babble.


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