Jazz Up Your Window A/C Unit With A Fabric Frame DIY

This idea is great for anyone who has a window A/C unit.  It’s perfect for a unit placed in the window temporarily or permanently.  A DIY fabric frame is easy and inexpensive to do.  It’s so easy that if you get tired of the look you can change it at any time.  Thanks to Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith.

All the people out there with window units raise yo’ hands!

As many of you know, the Smith household does not have functioning central A/C.  Sure, our house has all the duct work in place, but it also has two units that date back to the Reagan administration.  Since the cost of replacing these units would be around $20k, Mr. Smith and I decided to take the au naturel route of ceiling fans, open windows and window units in the bedrooms.

Ah, the window unit.  Such a money saver, and yet such an eyesore…

Ever since I started my master bedroom makeover in June, I’ve been brainstorming ways to remedy those unsightly plastic accordions and their dingy calk.  After a bit of thinking, I learned that dressing up a window unit is easier than I thought!  All it takes is an hour, good measurements and a few simple materials.

CONFESSION:  I gotta be honest, I procrastinated for weeks on this damn project.  Don’t you ever get tired of always working on something??  It’s the peak of summer, it’s blazing hot and I’m just NOT in the mood to do anything!  But, of course, that attitude won’t work because I hate sitting around all weekend with nothing to show for.  Sohere is how I trick myself into getting stuff done: I tell myself that all I have to do is one teeny tiny baby step.  In this case, all I had to do was look around the house for a box.  “That’s it, Leilani.  Just find a box and then you can spend the rest of the day napping.”  Next thing I knew, the project was finished.

With that in mind, are you ready to dress up that unsightly window unit?  All you have to do is find a box and keep reading. 

Dressing Up A Window Unit

You will need:

*A large sheet of sturdy cardboard (I used a size “small” Fed Ex shipping box)

*Measuring tape

*Box cutter


*Straight edge

*1 yard of fabric (I used a leftover scrap of toile)

*Needle & thread

*cotton batting, optional


Images from Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith.

For the full instructions visit Keeping Up With Mrs. Smith.

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