Laundry Basket Organizer

Keeping your laundry tidy and organized has never been easier with this brilliant “dresser” designed to keep laundry baskets in one place. If you put this in or near your laundry room, then you can sort the clean laundry when it’s done into the appropriate basket for the room where it belongs. These boxes are really little racks for the baskets to hang in so they slide in and out easily. You may only need one or you could make two and put them side by side, as shown here, or stack them into one vertical unit.


They will help busy homes get the laundry under control. Plus, they look nice.

You can modify it to use the baskets for anything you wish, such as storing the kids’ toys, or add shelves to store bins. The only power tools you’ll need are a drill, a circular saw, and a sander. Ana White came up with this project and she has the complete plans on her blog at Ana White.





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