Letters And Lights Marquee Style To Brighten Your Space DIY

This is a fun way to add some life to a room.  There are many ways to do this wonderful DIY marquee lights project.  Maybe a family phrase or motto (believe is ours), a name, a year, a favorite team, etc.  The color of paint and lights are also fun to play with.  Thanks to A Beautiful Mess for the cool idea.

Supplies: You’ll need a large wood board (50 x 24 inches), 4 wood planks (2 x 1 inches), wood screws, drill, indoor christmas lights, white acrylic paint, loose gold glitter, Mod Podge, chipboard letters, glue, duct tape.

First you’ll want to cut your wood planks into four pieces and use them to frame the outside edge on the back side of your marquee. This will help hide the Christmas light’s wires and make the sign appear more finished when viewed from the side. Cut your planks into two pieces that are 46 inches long and another two pieces that are 24 inches long. Use the drill and wood screws to attach the planks in place, keeping the planks flush with the outside edge of the board.


Images from A Beautiful Mess.

For the full instructions visit A Beautiful Mess.



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