Lovely Enameled Silverware DIY

I like this DIY project as an unusual gift idea.  Coating silverware with nail polish is a great way to personalize it.  Some fun ideas are to paint a monogram, matching color and pattern scheme with your dishes or make each piece unique.  Thanks to Moms & Crafters for the project idea.

These DIY enameled spoons are so easy and fun to make and require no experience or skill. They make a great hostess, housewarming, or engagement gift – or use them to serve this eggplant dip!  No one will believe you did these yourself and the finish on the crackle one, as you can see here, is beautiful and unique!  I’m tempted to try this on a whole set of cutlery!

I’ve made it in two styles, which I will outline in simple to follow steps below.

For both styles:
Simple stainless steel or similar spoons – I used these.
Topcoat – I used the Sally Hansen Advanced Hard As Nails Strengthening Top Coat

For the pink crackle:

Pink or any bright color nail polish – I used Wet n Wild in Lavender Creme
Crackle overcoat coat – I used  Sally Hansen in Star Burst

For the color block

Any brightly colored nail polishes. I used Wet n Wild in Lavender Creme, An H&M color I got in store and can’t find online (the deep purple), Jade nail polish in mint (not available online or in any retailers in the US) and Careline nail polish in a deep navy (also not available here). If you want to do similar colors to what I did, here some similar polishes are: OPI Nail Lacquer in Pamplona PurpleSally Hansen nail color in Mint Sprint and Maybelline nail polish in Midnight Swim


Images from Moms & Crafters.

For the full instructions visit Moms & Crafters.

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