Lovely Triptych Art DIY

A triptych is a piece of art that is split into three equal pieces.  You can make this DIY art project from many different items such as a poster, a photograph, a canvas painting or even fabric.  All you need is your art, MDF board and Modge Podge.  Thanks to Shine Your Light for the idea.

Waterlogue is an app for ipads or iphones that creates watercolor pictures out of your photos.
It costs $2.99, and as far as I’m concerned that is the best 3 bucks I’ve spent in a long time!
I loaded a photo from Cape Cod, and Waterlogue created this digital watercolor interpretation.
I saved the photo to my computer and uploaded it to Staples for same day pickup.  Until March 1 Staples is offering a 50% off sale on posters, so the largest size – 24″x36″ – was $20.

Then, like with the Hawaii picture, I headed to the hardware store to pick up a board and decided to try a 1/2″ thick sheet of MDF this time.  MDF is pressed cardboard and is less prone to warping than wood (unless it’s exposed to the elements, and then it decomposes.)  It also has a very smooth finish, and it’s cheaper than wood.

I also had in mind creating a triptych, which, if you are unfamiliar with the term, is simply a singular piece of art that is mounted onto 3 panels, sometimes hinged.  I got a 24″x48″ sheet and had the store cut it into 4 12″ pieces, which meant I ended up with one extra piece.  I always take the remnants because you never know when you’ll need it!

I used basically the same method as I did for the Hawaii picture, with the exception of dividing the board and poster into thirds.


Images from Shine Your Light.

For the full instructions visit Shine Your Light.

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