Make a Backyard Pond With Tires

If you have ever toyed with the idea of having a pond in your backyard, these 3 pond projects show that it isn’t hard to do, nor does one have to take up much room. The size is determined by how large a tire you want to use, all the way up to the largest tractor tire. Adding rocks adds to the visual appeal, but they can also be used to hide a pump.

To make the pond itself, it’s as simple as cutting off the sidewall of a tire. You can either bury it in the ground so the pond will be ground level, or stack more than one to create an above ground pond, like this.

tire pond above ground-

tire pond with fish-

Dokuchaevsk is the original source of the pictures all over the internet of these ponds being built, but there are no instructions on the site, nor does it show a pump being added.

The above ground ponds shown above have a tutorial here on Instructables.

This video illustrates cutting the sidewall off a large tractor tire, as well as adding a pump to your pond. It is a little different look than the projects above.

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