Make A Bed Frame Into A Comfy Bench DIY

Another clever bench idea!  It’s time to hit some yard sales and thrift stores to find a cheap bed frame to make a DIY bench.  It’s not complicted to construct which is hard to believe.  It can be used as outdoor or indoor furniture.  Add a couple cushions and throw pillows to finish the look.  Brillant idea Little House in the Suburbs.

A place to sit is what turns your garden into a destination, a place to linger, a respite from the daily grind.  Seating transforms your yard into a parklike oasis where you can soak in the beauty of what you’ve labored to create.

It also allows you to seat your family and friends in comfort while you bore them with the minute details of the six varieties of tomatoes and nine kinds of lettuce you’ve planted.

Or maybe that’s just me.

The problem with garden seating, though, is the expense!  Any step above plastic stackables and folding lawn chairs starts to get scary, especially if you want something with a little more character.

Enter the bed-into-bench.  When I saw this idea for the first time I was smitten and had to make one of my own.  The beauty of this project is its economy, its simplicity, and its endless variation.  No two are alike.

Start with an old bed, headboard and footboard, rails optional.  Start checking garage sales and thrift stores, or your own attic.  Full or twin-sized beds work best.  You’re probably going to be painting it, so surface condition is immaterial.


Images from Little House in the Suburbs.

For full instructions visit Little House in the Suburbs.

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