Make a Bench From an Old Wood Bed Frame

When you see someone either giving away or selling an old wooden bed frame for cheap, don’t pass it over. Use it to turn into a bench like this. Found on Mak and Jill, Jill’s husband Simon made this bench and another one like it.

The blue bench was the first one he made, and when he made a second one, he added the feature of hinging the seat so it could be lifted for storage underneath. Both benches were painted with chalk paint, distressed and then finished with a minwax coating.

These benches were made from a set of twin beds

old twin bed

so it was decided to not add arms to the sides since the bench wasn’t very wide. You may want to add arms if you use a larger bed frame, but I think it looks great without them. For an old bed frame that was going to be used for scrap wood, didn’t it turn out beautifully?

Find out how they were made on Mak and Jill.


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