Make A Plain Window Look Fabulous DIY

This DIY window design is a wonderful way to spruce up any room in your home.  It gives that plain window more character.  If you don’t like color paint the shutters white to give it a clean modern look.  Black would also keep it modern.  Thanks to Pretty Handy Girl for giving us a great idea.

Our home has beautiful dormer windows.

I love the little recessed ledges inside each dormer. But, the window in our hallway always looked so sad.

Then one day it hit me! This poor window has been neglected and has no character, jewelry or bling! For whatever reason (maybe because I was sleep deprived?) it took me a year to realize that the window itself had not been painted white like the other windows in our home.

The first thing I did was grab a paint brush and paint the muntin bars (or grille), the bars that separate and hold the panes of glass. Don’t say I never taught you anything on this blog! Want to learn more about the anatomy of a window? Look on Pella’s website.

It looked better, but there was too much white, so I painted the recessed area a sunny yellow.

Wow, that looks better! But, the window still looked a little stark. That lonely plant just wasn’t pulling its own decorative weight.

So, I ran up to the attic where all the original shutters from our home are stored. I pulled two out of the attic and painted them with a pretty aqua blue oops paint.


Images from Pretty Handy Girl.

For the full instructions visit Pretty Handy Girl.

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