Make A Room Sparkle With Mirrors Above The Chandelier DIY

Adding small mirrors around a light fixture DIY will add light to a room.  The light reflects off the mirror making the room brighter.  All you need are small mirrors and liquid nails then it’s time to get started.  If you want to add more design to the mirror maybe do etching, paint the edges with paint or glitter.  Thanks to Faux Daddy Designs Blog for the idea.

We are in the process of transforming our daughter’s room from “princess castle retreat” to “Hollywood Glam Fashion Designer Den”. When I say, “we” I mean Brooks does all the physical dirty work and I do all the shopping, design and fun stuff. The princess room had this daisy fan with gold ceiling and twinkle dragon fly lights.

For the re-design we opted for a crystal chandelier for that sparkly Hollywood Glam style. I found a 1950’s crystal chandelier on Craig’s list for $130 smackers. What a deal! I went online looking for a mirrored ceiling medallion that would reflect the light and cast a glow around the room.


Images from Faux Daddy Design Blog.

For the full instructions visit Faux Daddy Design Blog.

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