Make a Shadow Box Jewelry Organizer

I have to admit that my jewelry is mostly in one box, making it difficult to sort through the jumble when I’m getting dressed, especially if I’m running late. Very often I go without because I can’t find what I’m looking for, or I don’t have time to find something to go with what I’m wearing.

So many times I’ve thought of hanging my necklaces and bracelets on something, which would make it easier to see everything as well as quicker to grab and go. Until now I haven’t seen an idea that I wanted to implement.

Many jewelry organizers take a lot of room by spreading out, but I don’t have that much wall space, and I don’t like the way it looks. Many of them just look like a hot mess.

This shadow box idea clicked because it holds a lot in a small space. There are a lot of these types of boxes available, from organizers to shadow boxes, etc. Pick one you like, whether you buy one new or nab one in a thrift store or garage sale. You may want to put a coat of two of stain on it.

Buy a lot of small cup hooks and then decide where you want to screw them in. Start by organizing your jewelry by length, and then by color or however your want to separate them. Measure how far apart you need your hooks to be in each compartment and mark dots with a pencil where you screw in your hooks. Don’t make the mistake of starting to put hooks in and then end up with them not evenly spaced.

Be sure you have enough room in each compartment for the necklaces or bracelets to hang, and don’t forget to add hooks to the bottom of your box for longer necklaces. Now you’ll always be able to find just the right piece of jewelry to complement your outfit!

Image source: TrulySavvy

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