Make A Statement With Typography Art DIY

This DIY art using typography is so simple anyone can do it.  It give a room interest without costing a fortune.  There are many possibilities with this project:  Use various colors rather than all black, vary the size of the frames, vary the type of frames or a random placement on the wall.  Thanks to Polished Habitat for the cool project.

Do you have any big empty walls that you just aren’t sure how to fill? We FINALLY have art in our living room and it only took us three years! It wasn’t for lack of trying though, we have purchased several things over the years, but they are never big enough when we get home. All the waiting was worth it though. One day out of the blue, I became obsessed with the idea of doing a giant typography gallery wall showcasing the initial from our last name in all of our favorite fonts. My graphic designer husband was on board with the idea so I just needed to find frames.   If you happened to see my Fall Home Tour, you may remember that we started this project several months ago.

I told my sob story in the fall tour post that I bought 10 of the 11 3/4 x15 3/4 RIBBA frames at IKEA thinking they would be perfect. I fully admit that actually measuring, or even better, taping the wall to represent the frames would have prevented the big delay in this project. In my head it all made sense though! I would have four frames on each side of the TV and three across the top. Ten frames. Totally logical.

I was SO wrong. After I saw how much my 10 frame plan didn’t work,  I drew a pretty picture on fancy graph paper. I’m a pretty good artist. As demonstrated by the part where I had to write “CHAIR” so people who don’t get my abstract style could still interpret my drawing.

Some of you are probably wondering why I didn’t do the chalkboard art in the pantry myself, right?

Now that you are impressed by my drawing, I should mention that it still wasn’t to scale. It was to guesstimated scale :) When we ACTUALLY measured, I decided I needed even more than the 26 frames in the picture. I needed at least 32. I was going for BIG impact!

In addition to the expense of buying 22 more frames at $7 each, IKEA didn’t have the gray gloss available for shipping and the IKEA is 4 hours away. But, as you can guess since I’m posting this, we finally made it back to Dallas and I came home with a trunk load of frames. Elation. In a cruel twist of fate, I noticed today that IKEA now ships these exact frames. Rude.

Now that we got the dramatic back story out of the way, we can move on.

Here is an pic from last Christmas showing the vast emptiness of the wall. Seriously, what is that tiny frame doing on the right side of the TV?



Images from Polished Habitat.

For the full instructions visit Polished Habitat.


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