Make a Wire Basket Side Table

Wire baskets, like the kind sometimes sold to be used as a trash receptacle. can be used as a unique base for a small side table. Here you see how the same project was done in two different styles.

The table in our featured photo turned the basket upside down and attached the wood table top to what was the bottom of the basket.

First, the basket was spray painted to give an ombre effect (by pulling the spray can further away as you spray down the basket) and the table top was painted. E600 glue was used to attach the top to the basket.

This second table has the wood top attached to what was the top of the basket and the wood was stained to have a natural finish.

side table from wire basket-

Image source and instructions for making this table are at Oleander and Palm.

I Spy DIY has a really cool post with pictures of different kinds of side tables made with metal or wire bases. There are no instructions, just pictures meant for great inspiration. You can find the post here, on I Spy DIY.

Source for featured image: I SPY DIY 



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