Make an Easy Children’s Skateboard Swing

Not only is this swing easy to make but it’s also one that children will love. Who knows, maybe adults will too?! Being able to stand easily on a swing and swing from side to side or front to back is a heady pleasure for a child. As you can see, this swing has good handles for holding on which will not only make them feel more secure but will give moms and dads some relief as well.

Pretty much all you’re going to need is an old skateboard, which is pretty easy to come by. You can almost always pick one up at a large thrift store or a garage sale. You could also just cut a long plank of wood to use but kids love skateboards so it might be a good idea to stick with that.

Crystal Johnsen of Little Bit Funky saw a picture on Pinterest of a swing like this and liked it so much she figured out how to make it. This is a picture from her project and she posted all the steps she took on her blog. You can see them here, on Little Bit Funky.

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