Make Garden Flower Art with Glass Dishes

I’m a sucker for pretty and unusual garden art so I was immediately drawn to these dish flowers. They are a beautiful way to use old glass dishes for a new purpose and the end result can either be hung on a wall or attached to a wooden stick, piece of rebar or anything else that can be used to anchor it in the ground.

There are two ways to attach your dishes together. One, you can drill through them and then use a screw and a nut to hold them together. Or, if you don’t want to spend the time and effort to drill them, you can use a strong, water-proof glue. Drilling isn’t difficult, and there is a video below showing how to do it, it just takes time. Each glass dish can take up to several minutes each to drill a hole through. Don’t let the prospect of drilling glass keep you from doing this project, use adhesive instead.

hanging garden flower art-

Each flower uses a mixture of glass and or metal dishes to form the different flower elements.  It could take you a while to collect all the pieces you want to combine so start looking for different colored glass and unique little dishes, which can also be metal. Also pick up old forks and spoons that you can use as leaves for your flower. When you have assembled the dish combinations that you think look good together, then it’s time to put them together.

Watch this video on drilling glass and then you can decide if you want to use this method or a strong adhesive instead.

The complete list of supplies as well as the tutorial on making garden art flowers is found on Empress of Dirt.

Images are also from Empress of Dirt.




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