Make Your Own Puffy Cloud Lighting

Look at these puffy cloud lights and tell me you don’t want one! They are perfect for a baby room, a child’s bedroom, a baby shower or even a wedding or wedding shower. So many things you can use one of these for, especially since you can vary it to fit the need. We’ll tell you how to make one, they’re super easy, and then give you some creative ideas of how to change yours up.

You won’t believe how much these cost if you were to buy one. Here’s one on YLighting for $841!!

Here are the basic instructions that you will need to start, then from there you can add your own variations.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • White paper lanterns
  • Cotton batting
  • LED lights – battery powered
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fishing line┬áto hang your lantern if it doesn’t come with┬ástring

Step 1: Pull the batting apart until you get it nice and fluffy. It comes compressed in the bag so get it pulled apart first
Step 2: Using the hot glue gun, put glue in spots on the lantern to stick your cotton batting to. You may find it easier to put a strip of glue down one of the folds, but be sure you stick the batting on quickly before the glue gets hard. This process needs to happen quickly.
Step 3: Press the cotton to the glue for a few seconds until you’re sure the glue is dry. Then you can fluff you cotton out a little more to get the effect you want.
Step 4: Keep adding glue and cotton until you’ve covered the lantern and it looks the way you want.

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