Make Your Shower Fixtures Beautiful With Spray Paint DIY

Here’s a DIY household project I never would have thought of in a million years.  Rather than spending the money or dealing with the hassle of new shower fixtures, just use spray paint.  If you are feeling a bit wild go for a fun and bright color like red.  Thanks to Bless’er House for the great idea.

Sometimes I take spontaneity in marriage a little too far.  When Robert comes home from work every day, he never knows what he’s about to walk into.

One day I might greet him at the door grinning ear to ear, excited to show him our newly painted bathroom cabinets.  And then every now and then he might find me falling to pieces on the floor, borderline sobbing as I try to rescue myself from some fiasco I’ve created.  (Dear dining room chairs, I may never strip varnish again for as long as I live.)

Nowadays, no matter what spontaneous whim I surprise him with, he’s ready to jump up and down in celebration too or willing to drive to the nearest grocery store for a comforting pint of Chunky Monkey ice cream.

Thankfully, this time around, it was the jumping-up-and-down-grinning-ear-to-ear kind.

Our hallway bathroom makeover is officially finished and you’ll be seeing the full reveal this week!

But the finishing touch was spray painting the shower fixtures.  They turned out beautifully!  And I didn’t have to bust out the plumbing gear to do it. (Like I’d actually now how to do that. Baha!)


Images fro Bless’er House.

For the full instructions visit Bless’er House.


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