Organize A Medicine Cabinet With This Great Magnet Idea DIY

This DIY magnet idea is great for organizing that messy medicine cabinet.  Items can be stacked on each other without falling over.  You will be able to keep those important items in an orderly fashion.  Sheet metal can also be attached to the cabinet for more magnet space.  Thanks to Cherished Bliss for the idea.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Elmer’s ProBond Advanced. All opinions are 100% mine.
I am not a super organized person my nature. I struggle with it. I am ok with going to sleep with dirty dishes in the kitchen if it means I get quality time with my husband in the evenings. Playing with my children often beats out the pile of laundry that is staring me down. However, I do prefer that my house be organized, you know if I could wiggle my nose and it magically happen… but obviously that does not happen. EVER. < sad story! So I had to figure out my own way to bring some organization to the bathroom.

This cabinet was pretty ugly to begin with! I dunno about you, but I’m just not feelin that floral ceramic knob thingy. It’s hideous and all over both our bathrooms. Not attractive!
When I was thinking about how I wanted to redo this cabinet, I knew I wanted it to be magnetic for organizational purposes, and since I love galvanized sheet metal it only made since to add that to my little cabinet!

So I’m not going to lie… this takes some forearm muscles! Or maybe I’m just really really weak, lol. But cutting this galvanized sheet metal is a slow and steady process ; ) So get those forearms ready to go! Ok, now that I have warned you, let’s take a look at how to make this!


Galvanized Sheet Metal (Available in the plumbing section of Home Depot)
Tin Snips
Elmer’s ProBond Advanced
Protective gloves (a total MUST!)
Tape Measure
Straight Edge


Images from Cherished Bliss.

For the full instructions visit Cherished Bliss.

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