Outdoor steps made from Rhubarb leaves

We are big fans of outdoor DIY.

And in this post, we take a look at some very unique concrete steps.

We love these because no two steps will be identical.  And they will blend in perfectly with a yard.

This same technique could be tried with other large leaves as well.  Possibly even multiple small leaves, although it would likely lead to a greater chance of breaking.

Written details from one attempt and a set of videos below.

From about.com:

“I just laid the leaf on the flat cement porch and put a layer of Quikrete mortar ready mix (using 5 parts ready mix and 1 part water) on it, up to about an inch from edges. Then I patted the top to try and get rid of air bubbles. I put some chicken wire on top of it, then I put Quikrete cement mix (using 5 parts cement mix and 1 part water) on top of the wire, taking it to the edge of the mortar mix.

I then patted the top all over to seal it all together and to try and bring up any air bubbles. I tried to lift up the edges of the leaf and pat the sides, to make the edges a little thicker. I am so happy with how they turned out, they are the first ones that I’ve made. I’m going to give them to my two sisters… One for her birthday and the other for her anniversary.”

The videos series includes two parts.  There is a third video (linked within the videos) showing the final product.






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