Redo A Chair Seat With Lovely Webbing DIY

Redoing the seats on your kitchen chairs with this DIY webbing method will give your seating a rustic feel.  It invokes a country or beachy sense of design.  Make sure you use a strong fabric so it lasts longer.  Thanks to Plum Doodles for a great way to save those chairs.

I thought this chair makeover would be relatively simple, at least compared to my earlier rocking chair makeover. Eh, not so much. Maybe I should stop painting chairs black. Things seem to go downhill from there.

Here is what I started with, not a bad little chair, but the woven seat was split in several places. It was also graced with a few paint spatters, probably from when the seat was painted.

I removed the cane seat, cleaned the chair with TSP, and sprayed with Rust-Oleum gray primer.

I wanted to paint the chair black, then distress to reveal another color underneath. I chose the same turquoise that I used on Josephine, the mid century modern chest of drawers.  Rather than paint the whole chair turquoise, I just painted the areas that I thought I would distress. ‘Cause I’m cheap like that.


Images from Plum Doodles.

For the full instructions visit Plum Doodles.

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