Scrumptious Stuffed Pumpkin French Toast DIY

Let-this-sit-overnight-and-bake-in-the-morningOh.  My.  Goodness.  DIY pumpkin French toast stuffed with cream cheese.  I think that this recipe speaks for itself, loudly.  I like these kind of casseroles that you make the night before and bake in the morning.  This is a great cozy meal for a cool fall morning.  Thanks to Little Dairy on the Prairie for the delicious recipe.

Well, the fun of Spud Harvest is over.  That means we are back to getting up early. Back to a routine. And back to the hurry, hurry, hurry mornings. Maybe I have to high of expectations for myself as a mother. But I cringe at the thought of sending my kids out the door with a bowl full of sugary cereal in their tummies. However, I have no problem sending them out the door with a whip cream, cream cheese and pumpkin loaded piece of French Toast. I convince myself it’s better for them because it’s not out of  a box.

I have been looking for the perfect pumpkin french toast recipe for awhile now. It needed to be the perfect flavors.  And I really wanted it to be something I could make the night before.  Let sit overnight. And bake in the morning. I found a few things I liked in one recipe, and a few things that looked good in another recipe. I put all of the good ideas together and came up with this. This French Toast is everything I was looking for. You should make it and then you won’t feel guilty about sending your kids to school filled up with Fruit Loops!


Images from Little Dairy on the Prairie.

For full recipe visit Little Dairy on the Prairie.


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