Seashell Lights for Your Patio

Hanging small lights on your patio or porch provides just the right amount of light for relaxing in the evenings. You can buy lights of all types of design and color but why not make your own that are much more unique?

If you live anywhere near the beach then you have the advantage of being able to pick up shells to use. It’s pretty easy to buy shells if you don’t have any other way to get them. Putting these lights together is an easy project and won’t take you very long.

All you need is –

  • string of white lights
  • epoxy or gorilla glue
  • seashells

putting shells on string of lights -

  1. Tape a 2-foot section of lights to your work surface with bulbs lying flat.
  2. Apply a thin layer of epoxy along the hinge edge of a shell, and press into place at the base of a light. Repeat for each bulb.
  3. Let dry about five minutes before continuing with the next section.

You will be using a half shell for each light so that there is a shell on one side and the light bulb on the other.

When you’ve got them hung up and lit, enjoy the seashell ambiance!

Project and Image source: Martha Stewart








idea by jan halverson

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