Strainer Hanging Basket with Wind Chimes

Hanging baskets filled with blooming flowers add beauty anywhere you put them. When you put one outside with wind chimes hanging from it, you’ve got double the enjoyment.

The reason you can hang chimes from this planter is because the planter container is a stainless colander, with holes readily available in the bottom. Not only does this give easy drainage for your flowers but it also provides an easy way to attach rings to be able to hang whatever you choose for your chimes.

Spray painting the outside of your colander first makes it prettier and a beautiful color to go with your flowers. You will want to collect the following items.


  • large metal strainer
  • 3 similar sets of 4 measuring spoons (or your choice of items for chimes)
  • 9 ft dog leash chain
  • single key rings
  • black sharpie
  • measuring tape
  • drill with strong metal drill bit
  • Rustoleum Lagoon spray paint
  • cocoa fibre planter liner
  • potting soil and flowers

Also, I love the little stained glass angel Tuula hung at the top of her basket. She said she originally had it hanging underneath but when it couldn’t be seen very well, she moved it to the top. I think it’s the perfect place for it.

angel on hanging basket-

You can follow the complete tutorial at Thrifty Rebel, where she also has beautiful pictures showing each step.

Source of images: Thrifty Rebel





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