Stunning Stained Glass Cookies DIY

Unique Christmas cookie recipe #16.  These stained glass DIY cookie ornaments are so gorgeous it’s almost a shame to eat them…almost.  You can use this basic sugar cookie recipe or try it with a recipe you already love.  Gingerbread men with a stained glass heart or a Christmas tree with round ornaments would be sweet.  Thanks to The Comfort of Cooking for the idea.

I can barely believe it’s been six months since we moved into our first home in Texas. And now, just as quickly as we signed on the dotted line, we’re celebrating our first Christmas here! Well, not exactly here, but at my in-laws’ cozy home in New Jersey. That doesn’t mean it’s any less festive here in Texas, though. The stockings are hung, the tree is twinkling, and the oven has been getting a good workout with a steady influx of cookies and cakes. Christmas is in full swing!

These fancy and fun, yet incredibly easy, cookies have been one of the most festive treats to make it out of my kitchen lately. Hopefully, you’ll try them in yours, too!

The base is just a simple sugar cookie from scratch, along with a small cut-out filled with crushed hard candies (I used Jolly Ranchers).

Stained Glass Cookies

Images from The Comfort of Cooking.

For the entire recipe visit The Comfort of Cooking.


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