Sweet Bracelets From A Soda Bottle DIY

What a fun and easy project to do!  These DIY bracelets made from a soda bottle will be finished in no time.  It’s such a basic idea with so many options.  You can do so many themes with the fabric available (Star Wars, plaid, edgy).  You can even vary the width.  Thanks to Our Peaceful Planet for the idea.

You won’t believe what these beautiful bracelets are made from.  A plastic soda bottle and some scraps. I could have made about 50 of them they are so quick and easy.  Ahhh… I can see it now.  A whole wardrobe of colorful bracelets to match any outfit. (If this were food my mouth would be watering.) The jewelry pieces can be found at any Walmart with a craft section. I even made one bracelet that ties together with string and uses no other pieces. Its a wonderful way to upcycle those soda bottles. Kids and adults alike will love them!

Supplies Used

  • Soda bottle. 32 oz size is what I used. Smaller size for kids.

  • Fabric scraps

  • Glue Gun

  • X-acto Knife

  • Mod Podge (Optional. I show how to use this or the glue gun to make the bracelets.)

  • Pinch Crimps, Lobster Clasps, Jump Rings

  • Small hole punch and string (for the one that ties together)


Images from Our Peaceful Planet.

For the full instructions visit Our Peaceful Planet.

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