Tasty Chocolate Dipped Caramel Apple Energy Balls DIY

I’m big into hiking and adventure runs so I like this DIY chocolate caramel apple energy snacks idea.  It doesn’t contain lactose which makes me very happy.  These would also make a great addition to a lunch box.  Consider giving this gift at Christmas instead of cookies.  Thanks to Princess Pinky Girl for the delicious and healthy treat.

Hi Princess Pinky Girl readers, it’s Brianne again from Cupcakes & Kale Chips bringing you some healthy snacks. When fall rolls around, are you on Team Apple or Team Pumpkin? Or do you stick with one of the dark horses, like pear or cranberry? Truth be told, I’m kind of a chocolate and peanut butter all year kinda gal, but even I like to switch it up every now and then. And I love snacking on apples. But even better is when you take that nice, healthy apple and drown it in all kinds of caramel and fudge and candy so that you’ve completely negated any potential nutritional value you might get out of the apple.

Now as much as I love eating a treat like that, it certainly isn’t something I can do everyday. Nor is it something I can really pack in my boys’ lunchboxes. But these are certainly lunchbox-worthy…


Images from Princess Pinky Girl.

For the full recipe visit Princess Pinky Girl.

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