The Perfect Clock For A Hockey Fan DIY

We’ve all seen those fences, benches and chairs (oh my) made from skis.  This project uses hockey sticks and pucks to make a cool clock.  I know my boys would flip if I made these for Christmas.  Thrift stores and used sports equipment stores are a good place to find sticks and pucks if your garage isn’t full of them.  Thanks Hockey Stick Builds for the fun idea.

Three hat tricks later…

Definitely the coolest hockey wall clock I’ve seen around, this one isn’t hard to make and uses few (about 1-2) sticks. A win for everyone! The only trick is the use of double point staples to hold the pucks in place and that routing the center puck is a near must. However, this means no glue & no tricky assembly procedure.

Design Approach

This clock breaks down a little differently than one might expect. I did it slightly differently when I actually built the one pictured here, but these directions should head off the issues I ran into.

  1. Center Puck
  2. Frame & Remaining Pucks
  3. Back Supports
  4. Assembly/Consideration Points

The particular order of some of these steps isn’t as important and making sure you put the back supports on the pucks after you’ve fixed the pucks and frame permanently together. The supports will make putting in the double pointed staples harder if installed first. Routing out the center puck is highly encouraged. I’ll show what the hand clearance will be farther down the page if you don’t. Not routing makes aligning everything so the hands sweep cleanly really challenging. Onto the tools and supplies you’ll need:


  • Miter Saw
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • 2 bar clamps (2 greater than 1 ft)


  1. About 1-2 sticks
  2. 1 box of #4, 1.25″ wood screws
  3. 1 box 9/16″ double point staples
  4. 2 #212 x 15/16″ screw eyes
  5. #4 Picture frame wire
  6. Clock movement, try MVT7130


Center Puck

The clock movement, MVT7130, is shown below. These are the basic dimensions and you should measure them yourself to make sure everything fits in your design, etc. Get the clock movement with the thickest dial you can. I routed out 9/32″ of the back to fit the puck. You can do a little more if you want and plug the difference with washers.


Images from Hockey Stick Builds.

For full instructions visit Hockey Stick Builds.

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