Turn an Old Drawer into an Ottoman

What a clever way to repurpose an old drawer that otherwise would have no use. If you find someone throwing away a dresser, especially if it’s all wood, then scalvage one of the drawers from it to use for this project. Not only does this turn the drawer into a comfy ottoman, but it also has storage in it as well! Look for the biggest and deepest drawer you can find.

This ottoman by Lindsay at Diary of a Crafty Lady uses the following materials.

  • 2 pieces of MDF board cut to the size of the top and bottom of the drawer
  • Thick piece of foam cut the same size as the board
  • Fabric large enough to fit over the foam and tuck under the board on all sides
  • 2nd piece of fabric to over the rough edges under the board
  • Staple gun
  • 2 pieces of wood to nail to the underside of the board
  • Feet or legs for the bottom


  1. Stretch your fabric around the foam and board and fold neatly under the board. Staple it into place. It’s the same as if reupholstering a chair seat.
  2. Staple the second piece of fabric over the raw edges with the sides folded under. This makes the underside look neat.
  3. To keep the top from sliding around on the top of the drawer, cut the 2 pieces of wood to fit exactly down inside the drawer, one on each side of the board.
  4. Nail the 2nd piece of MDF board to the bottom of the drawer, putting the nails into the sides where the wood is thicker.
  5. Screw in legs or feet to the bottom to make your ottoman a comfortable height.










Project and Source of Images: Diary of a Crafty Lady

Lindsay the the idea and modeled hers after this one, on Beyond the Picket Fence.




















Source of Images: Beyond the Picket Fence

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