Upgrade your coffee table with a lift top

Trying to provide a new use for an old coffee table?

These instructions will help you add a lift top to your existing table.

The problem with many lift tables is that they look cheap and they are unstable.

This project takes care of both of those concerns, as you can choose your own table and the mechanism is very, very sturdy.

From the instructables article:

What’s the job of a coffee table these days?
Rest your drinks on?
A stable surface for the odd TV dinner?
Rest your feet on?
How about storage?
What about laptops? Ever bent over your coffee table to use your laptop? How about sitting on the floor and trying it?

Several years ago, we bought a coffee table that was pretty much what we wanted.
It was large, rustic-looking and solidly built.. but a bit high!

We’d find that we’d sit back on the couch at the end of the day and put our feet up, only to find the coffee table was so much higher than the seat of the couch that it would soon be biting into our achilles tendons.

It was last day of my holidays and I found myself sitting back, watching “Hot Fuzz”. After shuffling my legs about on the table trying to get comfortable I thought it was about time to put a long held plan into action…..

So, I checked with the boss and she liked the sound of my idea – mod the coffee table or get a new one!

-Lower the coffee table
-Add storage area/s
-Add some kind of funky lid to get to the storage areas


Head on over to instructables for the full instructions.

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