Use Crates To Build An Awesome Linen Storage Unit DIY

This DIY linen storage “cabinet” made from wooden crates is a beautiful piece of furniture for your bathroom.  It would be a great shelving idea for your living room or bedroom as well.  Craig’s List is a great place to find wooden crates.  No crates? Use pallets to build your own.  Thanks to Gingerly Made for the lovely and affordable project.

Do you believe in small miracles? It’s easy to believe in the big ones. They are hard to miss. But what about the small ones. They don’t always come in the shape or size we want them to, but they come never-the-less.

Ok, once you realize what I’m talking about you are going to think I’ve completely lost it. But really, not being able to find those wood crates I was talking about a few weeks ago was really driving me nuts. No one had any!! So when not even a week after I posted my crate frustration, I found some on craigslist! Literally they were not the size or shape I wanted, but I figured since I couldn’t find any elsewhere, I’d get them anyway. It was my little miracle of the week.


Images from Gingerly Made.

For the full instructions visit Gingerly Made.


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