Use Fabric And Mason Jar Lids For Sweet Christmas Ornaments DIY

These DIY mason jar lid ornaments with fabric are so sweet and easy to do.  The hardest part is picking out which cute fabric to use for the ornaments.  You can use any theme you like.  Maybe an animal, a colorful pattern, or a sports team.  This is a great project for including the kids.  Thanks to An Extraordinary Day for the cute idea.

Raise your hand if you love seeing Christmas trees on cars and trucks and other moving vehicles.

Whether it’s a pillow or place mat… a cute vintage truck with a Christmas tree stuck in its bed at Home Goods… or that first car going down the road with a fresh-cut tree… I smile.  Every time.

I am in love with Christmas trees on cars.

So when my wonderful blogging friend, Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday asked if I’d like to join her for a Christmas Trees on Cars Blog Hop… of course I said yes… without another thought.

I had so much fun creating little vignettes last year with an assortment of “cars” from my friend.

This year… I scoured the stores looking for the perfect vintage cars or trucks.  One of my friends even joined in the hunt.  And we found one.  Actually several, but one in particular made my heart sing.  And then I did what every enthusiastic blogger does at some time.  I got stuck.  I couldn’t decide… other than tying on a tree… what to do with my car.  It’s like my brain shut down and creativity came to a halt. After banging my head on the wall for a few days I decided I needed to shelve that car and go a different route.

After a couple of wrong turns… I finally had a happy idea.  Yay!

I was playing around with some mason jars for another project and wondered if this fun fabric, covered with cars and trucks with Christmas Trees, which I was planning to use in a different way, would work with my mason jar lids and rings.  WooHoo!  The perfect marriage.


Images from An Extraordinary Day.

For further instructions visit An Extraordinary Day.

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