[Video] DIY Mirror Mosaic Wall Art

To make this mirror mosaic you start by breaking a mirror into pieces. So it’s a great project when you happen to either break a mirror or come across one that someone is throwing away. Another idea is to check with a mirror shop to see if they have any broken pieces you could have.

Be sure to wear safety glasses when breaking a mirror because flying shards of glass can be dangerous.

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Thin piece of masonite to mount the mirror on
  • 1″ by 1″ pieces of wood
  • Safety glasses
  • Loctite mirror adhesive
  • White sanded Grout
  • Sponges – small ones and a grouting sponge
  • Paint for the frame edge
  • Picture hanging hardware

Here is a video tutorial of the entire process.

This tutorial and project is from Christine Kobzeff of PinkSoFoxy.

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