Wallpaper On The Floor For A Cool Look DIY

What a fun and fantastic idea!  This DIY wallpaper flooring is a great way to freshen up and add some uniqueness to your home.  You will have many more patterns to choose from using this method.  A paper bag looks awesome with this method as well.  Thanks to Grillo Designs for the idea.

OK! So I know by this point you’re probably thinking I’m crazy!  I mean its not everyday that you hear someone say they have wallpapered their kitchen floor right? Not surprising really as lets face it, wallpaper does belongs on the wall  (the hint is in its name really)). However, if you haven’t already guessed, I like to be different with my decorating. I like to try things that most people haven’t attempted before.
Have you heard of the brown paper method that some have used to create a distinct brown flooring? If not take a look at the picture below (from Domestic Imperfection Blog) . I used the same method to wallpaper my kitchen floor, except there was no brown bags involved!
Images from Grillo Designs.
For the full instructions visit Grillo Designs.

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