Wood Mirror Frame

This is a fantastic way to make a cheap mirror look expensive. Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic spent about $15 all total for the mirror and the wood and supplies. In about an hour’s time she re-framed the mirror that she paid $5 for and made it look completely different.

You could do this for any size mirror, including one to hang over a mantle or on the wall somewhere. She didn’t just put the wood over the cheap frame, she pried the old frame loose from the glass first. After cutting and staining the wood, she glued the corners together and then glued the mirror to the back of the new frame with Liquid Nails.

mirror with new wood frame- DIYscoop.com

For just a little money and not much time, you can have a beautiful mirror. I think I’m going to paint mine with the distressed look.

Project source and instructions: Shanty 2 Chic






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