Yarn Wall Art

These smaller versions of a yarn wall hanging are really cute, especially when you do several of them and hang them on the same wall. Then you get the added appeal of a mix of colors and designs with different widths and the way you cut the bottom edges. These hangings are extremely simple and fast to make. Watch for cheap yarn at thrift stores or garage sales, which will make them cost practically nothing at all.

All you need is:

  • Yarn
  • Small rope to hang the finished piece
  • Dowel rod
  • Small piece of copper tubing to fit over the dowel


  1. Cut yarn into 6 ft long pieces, then grab the middle of the yarn piece and place under the dowel.
  2. Grab the two ends and pull through the loop, then pull tight.
  3. Repeat, changing colors, until most of the dowel is covered.
  4. Knot a piece of rope on each end, then slide on the copper piping.
  5. Hang, then trim the bottom to achieve your desired shape.

Project and Image Source: I Spy DIY



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