8 great uses for those barrels you were about to throw out

You may not have a bunch of unused barrels in your backyard, but these will definitely give you a reason to find some on your next scavenging hunt.

I love these barrel ideas, especially the bike rack and the barrel couple.

These are just three of the eight that were assembled by DIY to Try.


1. Cute Painted Planters for Backyard garden

Its not that you need only use ceramic planters, among many other DIY choices. This is one which can hold large sized plants and will look very lovely.

Image source: decoracaofacil.com

2. Build Your Own BBQ Barrel

Have you planned to purchase a barbeque grill? Create one on your own with these large metal barrels.

Full Tutorial: instructables.com

3. Metal Barrel Repurposed as a Bike Stand

Just cut out stripes to get your bike rack ready.

Image source: khakibos.co.za


To see the remaining barrel projects, please head over to the website.

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