10 Awesome Ways To Use Dry Erase Markers DIY

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Dry erase markers work on more surfaces than just a white board.  My favorite DIY use that I do all the time is to write reminders on my bathroom mirror.  It’s also fun for kids to let them draw on a window that is then easy to clean.  It keeps them busy while you get some things done.  Thanks to Lifehack for the great ideas.

As both a teacher and an office supply junkie, I always have plenty of dry-erase markers handy. Which is a good thing, because I use them all the time — usually without a white board anywhere in sight.

Here’s just some of the things you can do with dry-erase markers:

  1. Label your frozen foods: Use a dry-erase marker to write the contents and date on the lid of your storage containers when you put stuff in the freezer. This way a) there’s no more guessing what this frozen lump is meant to be, and b) you can tell at a glance if food is way past any reasonable use-by date. Check for erasability by marking one piece and freezing it overnight — try erasing with a paper towel and, if any mark is left, see if it comes off in the wash. Some containers have textured lids that make erasing a pain.

  2. Make notes on your bathroom mirror: Dry-erase markers write beautifully on glass. The bathroom mirror is usually one of the first things you see in the morning, so it’s a great place to write reminders, jot down quick notes, or send love messages to your partner. Or, of course, you can draw devil horns and a goatee around your face — that’s good too.


Images from Lifehack.

For the entire list visit Lifehack.

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