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10 Creative Ways to Show Off Your Photos

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Now that most mobile phones come with a camera, most of us take a lot more photos than we used to. What to do with all those pictures? Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook come to mind, but many of them you want to keep and display. When a picture is of a special occasion or a very special person, those are ones you may want to frame and keep where you can see them.

Here are some innovative and creative ways to display your favorite pics so you don’t just end up with a boring wall of frames. You’re sure to find several of these that will fit add to your decor.

1. Wire Clothesline



If you use reclaimed or old wood then this display will have a rustic feel to it. One nice feature to this one is that you could hang anything, it doesn’t have to be photos, and because they aren’t permanent, they can be changed out as frequently as you’d like.

Instructions and Project Credit – Liz Marie Blog

 2. Photo Collage


photo collage-19blog

This gigantic picture looks like each photo is framed but actually they are mounted on a black foam core board and then sealed with Mod Podge. You can use any color board you’d like that will fit in with your color scheme.

Project Instructions and Image Source – Bits Of Everything

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