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37 Ways to Create Decorative Letters

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Alphabet letters have a big place in home decor for many people, because they can be used to express so much. Whether it’s one to three letters used as initials, a name, or lettering on a sign, we like to have words of inspiration and encouragement surround us. Sometimes letters or words are used as wall art, but more typically they are placed on a backdrop or framed.

Because using letters is such a popular medium, there are a lot of creative ways to make them and use them as decorations. Some of the letters in this list actually made my jaw drop, they are so amazingly unique. If you don’t do much with signs or lettering now, you will likely change your mind when you see the possibilities of how they can be used. Some are cute, and some are gorgeous. Have fun looking through these and be inspired!

The list of 37 creative ways to make your own decorative letters is at DIY & Crafts.




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