DIY Concrete Coffee Table

Concrete isn’t something you typically think about when it comes to furniture construction. We think you’ll change your mind when you see this table. It has a modern, sleek look that fits in well with many decors.

Snickers0129 at Imgur made this and when you look at the process he went through, it obviously takes quite a bit of work. He spent time testing different concrete stains and perfecting his pour to get the result he wanted, all after watching many videos on working with concrete. If you know someone who’s handy with concrete, I would enlist their help with this project.

I love the clean lines, it sort of has a minimalist effect.

Snickers0129 posted his entire project with pictures and the process he went through, including mistakes, on Imgur. Be sure you load the entire album, there are 20 pictures in all. He also posted it on Reddit with some additional comments.






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