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Turn an Old Tire into a Modern Ottoman

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Old tires can be repurposed for a lot of things, but an ottoman? This shows real creativity, not just in what it’s being repurposed as, but also in the material used. I love that it uses manila rope.

This is very doable, and not hard. You’ll need to cut 2 pieces of wood into circles for the top and bottom, but you could even buy those if necessary. Interestingly, a semi-trailer tire was used for this. It makes sense, because it’s much larger than a regular tire and therefore makes a nice, round ottoman.

tire ottoman- DIYscoop.com

Nikki, from That Was a What?! came up with this idea and shows how she made it. It has been shared many times but it originated with her. She used super glue, and it would take a boat load of it to glue all the rope on. I think Liquid Nail is a much better choice, as shown in the video below. Use a caulk gun to apply it as you glue the rope on.

Nikki made a beautiful pattern on the top of her ottoman, and she shows you how she did it, or you can make it with the round pattern you see in the video. See Nikki’s instructions on That Was a What?!

Here’s a tutorial video:

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