Gorgeous Soda Can Dimensional Wall Art DIY

This DIY wall art made from soda cans is really lovely.  You would never guess that the piece included cans.  You may have all the supplies already in your home.  If the color of the painting isn’t your style you can make it your own.  Use more yellow or green.  Thanks to Purple Hues and Me for this neat upcycled project.

While looking through my latest GrandinRoad catalog, I came across dimensional wall art, mostly done in metal, I knew I could re-create.

What a great upcycled craft to make using soda cans!
To make, gather the following supplies:
Soda cans – empty/clean
Craft scissors/old scissors
X-acto knife
Alcohol inks
Q-tips (for ink application)
Wire clothes hangers
Cardboard (vase)
Hot glue
Tacky glue
Acrylic paints
Foam brushes
Wash out soda cans to remove any sticky residue and let dry.  Using an x-acto knife on edge of can make a slice big enough for a scissor blade.  Using craft scissors, cut top and bottom off.  Cut through the length of can to open and finish sides, cutting off any metal slivers or jagged edges.  *CAUTION:  Be very careful with the sharp edges of cut cans.



Images from Purple Hues and Me.

For the full instructions visit Purple Hues and Me.

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