DIY Sturdy and Strong Gymnastics Bar

Thanks to the moms at gymnastics for bringing this project to my attention.  This DIY gymnastics bar is a great idea to have at home.  You may not have a gymnast at home but all kids enjoy playing on a bar just like the one at the park.  Mom and Dad may like to use it for pull-ups.  Thanks to eHow for keeping us active.

We looked online for a gymnastics bar to buy for the girls.  These are some that we found:

The first one was $285 plus $49.66 for shipping, a total of 334.66.  The second bar cost $440 including shipping.

So Jared decided to make one for a fraction of the price.  The paint cost $10 and we have plenty left , and the wood cost $20.  The bar was something we had been hanging our clothes off of in the basement of our previous house.  The total price of the homemade gymnastics bar was $30.00.


Featured image from Jupiterimages/BananaStock/Getty Images.

Image from Daniel Oines.

For the full instructions visit eHow.

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