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5 Ways to Clean Up and Organize Under a Sink

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Most of us don’t do well with keeping the storage area under our kitchen or bathroom sink in any kind of order. It’s a space that becomes a big mess in a hurry, usually because we have so much stuff we want to keep under there.

Well, there are ways to keep the mess organized, and here are 5 different ideas to draw inspiration from. It will make finding what you need easier, and the next time someone opens the door under your sink to look for the trash can, you won’t be embarrassed.

1. Dress it up

5 ways to clean up under the sink -DIYscoop.com

I love how bright it looks under this sink, and it’s because the owner used bright, colorful contact paper, not just on the bottom shelf but also up the walls. One benefit of this, besides making the space brighter, is that it makes it easier to wipe down and keep clean.

Notice the use of an old drawer that was painted and serves as a tray to keep things organized. Just pull it out to find what you need. You may or may not have room to hang baskets like these around your pipes, but they make good use of all available space.

repurpose old drawer to organize under sink - DIYscoop.com

Project and Image source: Craftsalamode

2. Hang trash bags

hang trash bags under your sink - DIYscoop.com

This is a very clever way to keep your trash bags out of the way and easily available, using dowels and curtain rod hanging brackets.

Project and Image source: SimplyOrganized

You can see the last 3 ways to clean and organize under your sink on the next page!

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