Give That Horrible Looking Frame a Beautiful Makeover DIY

I have a collection of frames in my basement just screaming for a makeover.  I just didn’t know what to do with them until now.  This DIY frame upcycle project is perfect.  Using Mardi Gras beads and hot glue to make the design is incredibly clever.  Thanks to My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies for the great idea.

Who doesn’t love a quick and easy project?   Well, this one is it.  Of course, the 15 minutes does not include the drying time. . .but still, 15 minutes of work to go from ugly to beautiful !

I purchased this ugly picture at a flea market recently for .25.   The picture was water damaged, but the frame had potential.

This frame and a few others that I picked up were added to my ‘To Do’ project list.   And there they sat for a couple of weeks.

This past weekend we packed and delivered #1 Son to his college dorm.  He left his room in quite a shamble, so I took the opportunity of his absence to do more than a bit of cleaning.

The next week #2 Son started school.   So I jumped on the opportunity to give his room a good cleaning and organizing as well while he was in school.  I stumbled across a box of plastic beads from last years Mardi Gras party and knew this was just what I needed for this frame makeover.


Images from My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies.

For the full instructions visit My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies.

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